Bible Study with a Spiritual Atheist: Genesis 1

The first chapter a person will see when they open up the Bible is Genesis 1. It begins at the beginning, helpfully enough, and attempts to explain how creation came to be while revealing the character of the biblical God and His purpose for the creation of the universe. Two key aspects of the biblical … Continue reading Bible Study with a Spiritual Atheist: Genesis 1

Who Decides What Our Purpose Is?

For probably as long as humans have existed, we have questioned what the meaning of life is. We have constantly wondered about the purpose of not just human life, but all life. In trying to answer our own questions, we have often turned to either one god or several as an explanation, who have created … Continue reading Who Decides What Our Purpose Is?

God has Super Low Standards

All religions have a tradition within them of searching to experience a "higher" state of consciousness/being. This experience of a heightened state is either attributed to the presence of God or the techniques employed by the believer or, quite often, both. There is always usually some sort of requirement the person attempting to reach this … Continue reading God has Super Low Standards