Search The Desert For Whales

There once was a hermit in the desert,

Who thought himself something of an expert.

When asked what his life entails,

He would say he searched for whales,

For whales could not be found in the desert.


A young man was so curious,

Was he mad or a genius?

So he got on a bus

Without any great fuss.

He thought it all quite ludicrous.


When he arrived at his destination,

He was laughing at his situation.

The hermit was soon found,

Are you mad or profound?

Was the start of the two’s conversation.


The hermit soon got to explainin’

The reason that he took up whalin’,

Because the desert has caves.

Believe me that caused shock waves.

The man did not find it bemusin’.


Having toyed enough with the younger,

The hermit went to explain further,

Life ain’t about achievement,

Nor it about acruement;

Life’s about the journey and wonder.


Say you achieve all that you were wantin’;

Would you start waiting to fill your coffin?

The seed needs no aim to grow;

Like the seed your life should flow.

What good is joy dependent on somethin?


Why do I hunt whales here, not in the sea?

I wanted something to keep me busy.

I don’t need it for my joy,

It’s not vital to my joy.

My joy is found in an aimless journey.


Joy is to be found in the steps taken,

Not in the path’s final destination.

Fill every step with love,

Each step peaceful like a dove;

Then joy you’ll have, whatever conclusion.


Sand whaling’s not just something I’d defend

But something I would highly recommend.

Content with all absence,

Content with abundance;

Contentment is this way of life’s stipend.


The young man had heard the hermit was mad,

That he was a completely crazy lad.

Their judgement he, now, did trust;

They had him completely sussed.

So, he became the hermit’s undergrad.

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