Why do bad things happen in threes?

Because of synchronicities.


Couldn’t it just be coincidence?

But isn’t it nicer to think it providence?


But what if you’re being misled?

Well, I can worry about it when I’m dead.


What if life after death is another hoax?

So we die and it’s see ya never, that’s all folks?


Yes, what if the afterlife is just a story made up by some sap?

Well then, at the end of life, it’ll be nice to get such a good long nap.


A nap that lasts forever.

Better than it happening never.


So you’re happy with whatever? God or not?

Heaven and hell did both sound a little too hot.


So you wouldn’t be scared that there’s nobody watching over the Earth?

If it’s true, it’s true, and I’ve managed okay getting this far from birth.


How do you not care about a lack of divinity?

I suppose it’s just a case of serendipity.

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