God has Super Low Standards

All religions have a tradition within them of searching to experience a “higher” state of consciousness/being. This experience of a heightened state is either attributed to the presence of God or the techniques employed by the believer or, quite often, both. There is always usually some sort of requirement the person attempting to reach this state needs to meet.

This higher state is, something I like to describe as, a state of loving peace, this feeling of love engulfs you and the deluge of thoughts that goes through your mind everyday is silenced. I can understand why people refer to it as a “state of being,” the experience really does feel that strong. And, this state can be found referenced in major religions. It is called “Enlightenment” in Buddhism, and “Moksha” in Hinduism. I have not read the Quran nor could I find this sort of state being described through Google, so I’m not sure if this state is referenced there, but Sufis, certainly, appear to seek to experience it. Hasidic thought describes someone having a “fear of God” to be like this state. In Christianity, I think this state perfectly matches with what Paul describes as the fruit of the Holy Spirit, which are: “love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance” (Galatians 5:22-23). Now, while there are slight differences in how these states are described by different religions, the core of them does appear to be the same which is that feeling of loving peace.

But there is the problem for people that claim their religion, and only their version of the religion, is the only way to God. Take Christianity for example, if the Holy Spirit can only be experienced by believers and so the fruit of the Spirit can only be shown by believers, and is how you can tell who is a true believer, then how can the fruit of the Spirit be produced by followers of other religions or followers of no religion? And why do Christians that do show the fruit of the Spirit always end up preaching that there’s not one way to God? This question can be asked of any follower of any religion that thinks this way: why do non-believers experience God if experiencing God is only for believers?

Even I, an atheist-leaning agnostic, have experienced this state of loving peace which, really, should be a big no no if God is as picky as claimed. The state may come and go but day by day I’m getting better and better at experiencing it more frequently and for longer periods of time. However, the only requirement to enter into this state that I’ve found is that you have to love yourself and love others. Don’t have to believe certain things. Don’t have to avoid certain types of food. Don’t have to avoid certain types of relationships. Just, love yourself and love others, a requirement that can be extracted from the Golden Rule helpfully enough.

There’s really only two explanations for the existence of this state of loving peace and the wide variety of people that have experienced it that I find reasonable. Either this state is simply a product of the human brain, no supernatural elements involved, and thus a wide variety of humans have experienced this state because they all have human brains and thus were able to train themselves to experience this state or they simply lucked into it, which is the explanation I lean towards, or this state is down to the presence, and therefore existence, of God, or at least a supernatural realm, but God just has super low standards. (Roll credits.)

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